The Liver Guard


Omeo Liver Syrup is a homeopathic speciality product which acts as a liver guard, helps in the symptoms like anorexia, debility, pain in liver region & fatty degeneration of liver. Also helps to counteract the bad effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

It contain Taraxacum officinale stimulates the digestive secretions, Hydrastis Canadensis helps in destroy the appetite for liquor and another ingredient Podophyllum peltatum promotes the secretion of bile by restoring the liver to health. Andrographis paniculata commonly known as Kalmegh is another herb which is a well-known hepatoprotective.

One of the ingredient Chelidonium majus exhibits anti-tumor and anti-genotoxic activities.

A research was conducted to recognize the effect of homeopathic drug Chelidonium in amelioration of p-DAB induced hepatocarcinogenesis in mice & it reveals that Chelidonium exhibited anti-tumor and anti-genotoxic activities.1

So, all the ingredients of Omeo Liver Syrup helps in strengthening the liver which plays a central role in carbohydrate, lipid and amino acid metabolism, and is also involved in metabolising drugs and environmental toxins.

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