SUPPRESSION, the main cause of all complex diseases


 Suppression is the main cause of all complex diseases. Suppression is mostly by heteropathic or allopathic treatment. But, it is also by inappropriate homeopathic treatment. Environmental influences sometimes causes suppression.

Suppression by Heteropathic or Allopathic treatment with crude medicine

If two similar disease meet together, weaker dynamic disease is permanently extinguished by stronger one if both of them produce same morbid symptoms, this is law of cure. Except this law, permanent cure can never happen. The noxious agent affect vital force because they belong to same plane and their frequency level is also same. If we wish to cure the disease with our medicine, it has to be of same dynamic frequency, otherwise medicine will not reach the dynamic plane. Only potentized homeopathic remedy can do that. Allopathic medicine being basically a crude composition, it cannot belong to the dynamic level and dynamic frequency. So it works only on physical level and controls only functional activity.  It does not cure the disease permanently because both are dissimilar, so stronger crude medicine repels weaker disease affection. When our vital force is deranged by noxious agent and produce disease symptoms, allopathic physicians prescribing crude medicines for the functional disturbance and not for the dynamic derangement of vitality. So, repeated crude dose suppresses the language of the disease. The influx going inwards attack more vital organs than before. Now the patient going to the physician who is specialist for that specific disease, he administers crude medicine against the natural law. So all the disease symptoms get suppressed and it attacks more vital organ and diseases becomes more and more complex. Now days, from very early age, we start suppressing all childhood diseases by allopathic treatment and finally end with the result of Cancer, Asthma, tuberculosis, psoriasis, senile dementia etc.

Suppression by External application

Any kind of external applications are very dangerous for our health because it suppresses the disease more prominently than others. It never cures the disease because it is extremely crude form of medicine. It suppresses the diseases because it is dissimilar to the disease and stronger.  So stronger crude applications repel weaker disease. Repetition of this process suppresses the disease and it attacks more vital organs which makes the disease more complex than before. So, it is advisable to never use external application to cure the disease.

Suppression by Operation

When disease attack vital force and produce functional disturbance, and suppressed by allopathic treatment, then it turns into organic destruction. The allopathic doctor cuts down the diseased part. After operation the influx goes inward and diseases are suppressed, and attack more and more vital organ, making the diseases more complex.

Suppression by Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic medicines are dynamic. When two similar homeopathic medicines meet together, weaker dynamics is permanently extinguished by stronger one.

But when two dissimilar affection meet together, weaker one is repelled by stronger one. So when we administer medicine that is selected on most severity of the symptoms but not covering totality of the individual, then it subsides that symptom, but it is not cure. It is perfect suppression of the disease by Homeopathy.

An example….

Mr Ram Kumar Gupta, age 37, male was suffering from rheumatic arthritis since last 10 years.  Fast motion aggravated his complaints. Cold application ameliorated. Pain extended below up wards. Soles painful, could hardly take steps. Affected part felt cold, and ameliorated by icy cold water. Throbbing and pulsating all over the body. Syphilitic back ground. It was clear cut picture of Ledum, but if we use Guaicum instead of Ledum, it will suppress the case.

Suppression by Environmental influences

Sometimes very cold weather, hot spring bath, high density strong chemicals are responsible for subsiding skin diseases. Actually both are dissimilar and stronger one repels skin disease. If it happens for a long period of time, the influx goes inwards and attack more vital organs, and makes the disease more complex.

Suppression by Use of injection

Use of injections is very strong way to suppress disease very easily. With help of this, all the symptoms of diseases disappear very quickly and attack more vital organ with out any notice and make the disease more complex.

All the above information shows where we are going, and what we should do. It is very clear that with more and more development in medical science, we are going closer to the door of death due to improved scientific methods of suppressing the disease.Cancer is not a disease; it is the condition that is created artificially due to several suppression of chronic disease.


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