Clinical Hits in Homeopathy



Ailments from spraining straining over lift muscle tendon: Rhus tox



Disposition to straining or spraining: Nat mur


Easily sprained and strained: Mag carb


Element of spraining or straining from over-stretch: Sticta


Joint pain as from straining sprained: Berberis v


Joints are easily sprained or strained: Psorinum


Limb pain as from spraining straining: Carbo veg


Pain in the limb as from spraining and straining: Carbo veg


Predisposition to spraining and straining the joints: Psorinum


Remove tendency to sprains and strains: Carbo an


Sprains and strains and any injury to tendon: Ruta


Sprains strain rupture tendon joint wounds synovitis: Ruta


Strain and sprains from muscular stress: Rhus tox


Tendency to sprains and strains: Carbo an


Tendency to sprains and strains: Carbo veg


Tendency to strains and sprains distended veins: Nat mur


Tendency to strains and sprains: Nat carb


Wrist ankle rheumatic strain sprain injury: Ruta


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