Modern Homeopathy Backed by Telemedicine will do Away with Hospitalisation: Minister


Advancements in homeopathic treatment based on modern research and will help serve millions of patients suffering from complex diseases in the country as well as abroad, a said on Saturday.

“Bringing this type of ‘modern homeopathy’ … backed by service will eliminate the need for hospitalisation in a large percentage of cases,” of State for and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey said.

Modern would also do a great service to millions of patients suffering from diseases categorised as “incurable”, Choubey said while speaking at a function commemorating 10 years of service by 

“We believe in repeatable success, which can be implemented by anyone by following disease-specific treatment processes and verified by We believe soon this technique of will become the alternative mainstream medicine,” said the group’s Paramesh Banerji.

The group has the main clinic and the running from Kolkata, with their rural centres in other parts of Bengal such as Bagnan, Burdwan and Sodepur. They also have their centres in and in the USA.

With a huge team and organisational framework, the group caters to almost 1,200 cities and towns in and 88 countries over the world.







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