Unofficial Result of National Council for Homeopathy’s election announced


In violation of court order, unofficial result of the National Council for Homeopathy’s election has been shared on social media.

The Pakistan Homeopathic Medical Association (PHMA) is leading across the country, according to unofficial result.

Unofficial result shows, PHMA candidates on teachers’ seats Javed Awan and Mahmoodul Haq is leading with 900 votes followed by the candidates of National Alliance who bagged 280. Result of the 10 polling stations is still pending.

PHMA has also wins all five general seats from Punjab with lead of 7,911 votes. Collectively on all five general seats PHMA bagged 26,308 votes followed by the candidates of National Alliance who bagged 18,397 votes.

Homeopathic Dr Rao Ghulam Murtaza of PHMA secured first position from Punjab with 5,437 votes, Dr Irfan Wali is on 2nd position with 5,408 votes, Faisal Salim bagged 5,269 votes, Naeem Hafiz on fourth position with 5,235 votes and Dr Tabassum Hussain bagged 4,959 votes.

Fifteen candidates from three different panels and seven independent candidates have contested the election for five general seats from Punjab.

PHMA candidates also succeeded on general seats from Sindh. Muhammad Asif Khan bagged 925 and Muhammad Moin Khan bagged 890 votes and secured first and second positions respectively.

The results of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan is not finalised yet, however according to the sources Dr Saeedur Rahman Khattak and Dr Raheel Khan of the PHMA panel are leading on the general seats. The turnout in the election was less than 50 percent, sources said.

Elected members on teacher’s seat and general seats will select the president, vice president and other office bearers from them.

Sources said the Islamabad High Court has barred the returning officers from releasing the official result until the court decision. A case against the former President Mehmoodul Haq Abbasi- who is again elected on teacher seat – is pending in the court. The next hearing of the case is fixed on August 16, 2018.




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