Signatures Miasms Aids – Spiritual Aspects of Homeopathy Misha Norland & Claire Robinson


Author: Dr Misha Norland

ISBN:  978-81-319-10696

Publisher: ‘B Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.’

Book Reviewed by Dr. Pawan S. Chandak


New light is cast on Hahnemann’s original three miasms, while Tubercular, Cancer and AIDS miasms are examined through the nosodes of those diseases.



These are set within a developmental model helping us locate patients and remedies on a miasmatic map.

Signatures, Miasms, AIDS shows how a deeper knowledge of two key concepts, miasms and the doctrine of signatures, can enrich our understanding of remedies and the diseased states we encounter in our patients.


It also helps bridge the gap between spiritual and scientific worldviews. The book examines the historical and alchemical background of healing, placing homeopathy firmly within the context of the ancient, unchanging and practical truths of the “eternal philosophy’. Based upon this, a model for potency selection is offered. New information is included from the extensive provings of the AIDS nosode and the frequently used remedy, Falco peregrinus.


About Author

Misha Norland, FS Hom Misha Norland was born June 13, 1943. He can be reached at The School of Homoeopathy, Devon, 82 East

Pearl St., New Haven, CT 06513.

Tel/Fax: 203 624-8783


His website is


Misha is the Founder and Principal of The School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. He was made a Fellow of The Society of Homeopaths in the U.K. for «outstanding services to homeopathy». Misha has been in homeopathy since the early days of its recent revival and is a founder member of the British Society of Homeopaths. Misha is internationally recognized and respected both as a teacher and as a clinician.


With nearly 30 years of homeopathic practice, 20 years of teaching, 16 years of video-taping cases, and 9 years of conducting provings, Misha shares an extraordinary depth of understanding, knowledge and experience. An insightful and popular lecturer worldwide, Misha is also a frequent contributor to various U.K. and European journals.



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