Webinar: Homeopathy Case Taking, Case Analysis & Case Management by Dr Robin Murphy


Lotus Health Institute introduces Homeopathy Masterclass with Dr Robin Murphy in Homeopathy Case Taking, Case Analysis & Case Management.

 Dr Robin Murphy

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(3 Webinars)

Webinar 1 – Case Taking
March 21st 2019 7 – 9pm (GMT)

▪ Hahnemann’s case taking philosophy and methods.
▪ Perceiving the vital force and through the homeopathic interview
▪ The human constitution, vital force, layers, time lines, etiologies, diseases and symptomology will be explored.
▪ Common mistakes in homeopathic case taking
▪ Using the Repertory as a tool for homeopathic case taking
▪ History of Repertories and their use in homeopathic practice
▪ A review of the Repertory sections, chapters, rubrics and indexes
▪ The language of the Repertory
▪ Locating clinical rubrics based on symptom descriptions, in the repertory

Webinar 2 – Case Analysis
March 28th 2019 7 – 9pm (GMT)

▪ Using the Repertory as a tool for homeopathic case analysis
▪ Common mistakes in homeopathic case analysis
▪ Repertorising methods and techniques without a computer
▪ Rubric Groups and Symptom Analysis
▪ Sample rubrics, primary rubrics and secondary rubrics types
▪ Repertorising a set of rubrics manually using repertorisation forms
▪ Sample case histories

Webinar 3 – Case Management
April 4th 2019 7 – 9pm (GMT)

▪ Homeopathic case management
▪ Repertory and Materia Medica study
▪ Common mistakes in homeopathic case management
▪ Potency selection and repeating the dose
▪ Evaluating the acute and chronic methods of prescribing
▪ Using the Repertory as a tool for learning Materia Medica and therapeutics
▪ Differentiations between related rubrics. Sample case histories


These webinars will be presented by the Centre for Homeopathic Education. Please contact the Centre for Homeopathic Education with any questions.


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