BAMS/BHMS Duty Doctor : Female Married candidates, Raipur, Chhattisgarh


SBH Women's Hospital

Job Summary

Duty Doctor is the most responsible member of staff of the Hospital and is present all times of the day and night on his shift duty.As such no moment the Hospital can be left uncovered by Duty doctor .Even at the end of her shift,he will not leave the post till other RMO takes over

  • A professional approach must be adopted with all patients, staff and visitors.
  • She is responsible for all pt.admitted in her department toward proper medical care
  • She will ensure that all advised test & procedures are carried out without any delay
  • On admission or in emergency she will carry out necessary examination & history taking so that the case sheet of pt. is completed in all respect & ensure that the pts documents consents are complete
  • She herself should take round of all the pts under her care atleast twice a day & as often as necessary.she will also accompany the consultants,when they come on round & will ensure that all her orders carried out
  • Discharge summary of the pt who is going to be discharged is to be prepared by Duty doctor & should be signed by the consultant and Duty dr both.
  • She should take feedbacks from all pts who already discharge after a week call them & pass information to the hospital HR
  • Duty Doctors must work within their level of experience and competence and highlight verbally and in writing to the nurse in charge.
  • To provide medical cover, routine and emergency, during hours of duty and work in conjunction with the other Duty doctor to provide a 24 hour service to the hospital.
  • To take history of patient in OPD area explain medicine taking BP
  • To do in and assess urgent admissions as required when the relevant consultant is not immediately available.
  • Responsible for MRD data pink paper concent form properly filled & check before pt.shifted in OT for procedures
  • To undertake a morning and evening ward round daily and if possible with a member of the nursing staff when available ensuring patients are visited where appropriate. To make an entry in the patient’s notes as appropriate following ward rounds or any other patient examinations, communication or procedures.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹180,000.00 to ₹270,000.00 /month

Experience: 1 year (Preferred)

Education: Secondary(10th Pass) (Preferred)


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